witchstix commissions

Terms and Conditions and
Available Slots

before contacting me in regards to commissions please read the terms and conditions below

art examples

examples of my workstyle - these will be the most common style of art i will create unless you ask for a specific style
(click to enlarge)


Price EstimateSketchFlat ColourSpecial/RenderedBackground
Icon£3 (1 KOFI)£6 (2 KOFI)£9 (3 KOFI)+£3 (1 KOFI)
Half Body£10£15£20+£10
Full Body£15£20£25+£15

this is just an estimate! prices may change depending on complexity of the piece
extra characters are +50% of the regular price
(e.g. 2 characters in a half body flat colour, no background = £22.50)

Content of Commissions

A list of content that I will and won't create! Please do not request anything from the list of content I will not create, I will turn it down.

Will CreateWon't Create
OC's (Humanoid/Anthro/Animals etc)Mechs/Detailed machinery
AnimalsAnything homophobic/facist/transphobic/racist etc.
Canon charactersFetish art
Canon characters x OCsSex/Nudity including minors (if you request this you will be blocked immediately)
CouplesSexual violence
Nudity (18+ characters only)Anything with intent to cause harm to a person
Intimacy (non sexual, eg. kissing/cuddles etc)Extreme gore/violence
Animal crossing charactersNSFW/heavily sexual content
Simple scenery 

Contact and Payment

contact me via DM on my social media OR email at
[email protected]

Thank you for reading and I hope you consider commissioning me!